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Let Mimi bring your relationship closer together

Pleasurable sex is important for all couples as well as for creating emotional intimacy in a sexual and erotic relationship.


Sometimes there are issues that get in the way of a fulfilling sex life.  These can include desire discrepancies, orgasmic dysfunction and pain, erectile issues, inappropriate pornography use, and affairs.  


Some couples might want to regain their sexual intimacy or improve their sex life. Others might be interested in alternative areas of sexuality such as BDSM, open relationships, kink, or issues about bisexuality, homosexuality, or gender fluidity. 


I will provide you with a safe and non-judgmental environment. There are never any inappropriate exercises or touching in the session.  However, there may be exercises to do at home.  Together we can work on creating a joyous, fun, and pleasurable sex life for you and your partner. 

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